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About Us

InteractiveCells (ICL) leverages the concept of Digital Media Advertising by introducing some of the most unique tools for Advertisers and Publishers.
ICL Aims To Enhance The User Experience On The Internet.
InteractiveCells is a Global Digital Advertising Network leveraged with Web, Mobile and Social Media focused on displaying Relevant, Targeted, Interest and Behavior based ads to the users.

Conventional digital ads currently shown to the users only allow them to click if interested. ICL has come up with an option of iLike and iShare for the users to engage with the ads completely. Users now have an option to either Like an ad or Share it on social media platforms, which would help to show more relevant ads to the users. Advertisers also have an option to even link their social platforms with the iLike functionality.

Search Ads within the ads would open a new segment for the users to search for something they are interested in without going for any separate search engine thus utilizing ICL embedded Ad Display Search Engine for the purpose.

Our sophisticated algorithms make sure that the ads displayed to the users are targeted to the maximum level possible hence enhancing the user experience at par level.


Muhammad Azeem Kalhoro
Technical Development Head
M.Azeem is leading the Advertyze Networks core development team as Project Lead and is responsible for introduction of technology platforms and developments. He holds a key positioning in enabling the product reaches maturity and stability phase.


Capt. Haleem A. Siddiqui holds the position of Chairman at InteractiveCells. He has more than 50 years of aspiring professional career towards the development of Pakistan's economy in multiple sectors. From 1971 till date, he has established number of organizations serving mainly into transportation, shipping, port operations, container terminal, IT, merchandizing and event management.

Aasim Siddiqui is the Managing Director at InteractiveCells and plays a vital role in organization's Strategic Decisions. His dynamic personality and broadened vision has helped ICL to achieve the maximum within no time. He is well known in the Social, Diplomatic, Government, and Business circles due to his active business sphere.

He has an MBA degree from Clark University, U.S.A. and B.SC. (Hons) degree in Management Sciences from London School of Economics.

Sharique Siddiqui is the Director at InteractiveCells. He holds key position at Marine Group of Companies, the primary investment group for ICL.

He holds a BA and MA Economics from Tufts University, USA.


Marine Group of Companies

Marine Group is the primary investor for InteractiveCells. It came into inception over three decades ago, with a vision to provide a variety of superior quality products and services to cross-section of clientele globally.

With the groups first company, Premier Mercantile Services established in 1964, it has progressively grown manifold. Today it is diversified into Maritime Services, Stevedoring, Terminal Operations, Chartering of Ships, Global Logistics, Agency Services and Insurance Cover to International Maritime Industry, Information Technology and Travel and Tourism.

The Group's prestigious position is testimony of the visionary foresight and relentless efforts of the Group's leadership, which have led it to achieve many milestones, and landmarks over the years.